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Spoken Word / Jazz Piano Trio / Video


Nightwatch is a spoken and musical performance in which two films - 'Sisters' and 'Nightwatch' - are projected simultaneously, in dialogue with each other.


Through the simultaneous projection there is a connection and a strong tension.   The text by Dimitri Verhulst, is not a story or an interpretation, but an evocation of 'the human condition'.


Too Noisy Fish created a brooding soundtrack in which film music, jazz, improvisation and contemporary music go hand in hand.   The result is a three-dimensional expression of the vain and the inevitable, in which the viewer constructs his own story.


Peter Vandenberghe: compositions, piano and keyboards

Kristof Roseeuw: double bass

Teun Verbruggen: drums and percussion

Dimitri Verhulst: text and voice

Trisha De Cuyper & Jan Lapeire: video


Promotrailer Nightwatch

Bookings: Griet De Blende - Rumoer! - +32 477 681 421

i.s.m. Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent

Sisters Nightwatch
Nightwatch (c) Dries Geusens
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